Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick Tunnel Thoughts and Quick Vegan Foods

This morning I woke up feeling kinda groggy. This "cold-ish" thing I'm trying to fight off is a pain in my ass. Ugh. Nevertheless, I woke up with a plan and pressed on. Kennedy is still at her dad's so work MUST BE DONE.

I cleaned the house a bit (dishes...ugh) and finished the laundry. Though a huge pile of it is sitting in front of the tv waiting to be folded. I packed my bags and headed out for errands and to the library. Don't know about you...but I am a HUGE fan of lists. I can't function much without one. I was able to check most everything off :) :)

I had a short and quick approach to exercise and food today:

  • 50 swings, 20 squats today ( :( )
  • 3 green smoothies (made em when I woke up)
  • Gluten free burritos
  • Few yoga stretches on my mat...candles lit
  • Meditation at my altar....about 7.5 minutes (glorious)
Perfection isn't the goal here. I have a bad habit of letting my self-care fall in the toilet when life stresses me out. And NO MORE! 

If you wanna know what reads are keeping me motivated check them out below!


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