Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Studying and Chai Goodness

Okay. I love chai tea lattes. almond milk vanilla chai lattes to be exact! I will tell you exactly what I do to make them in my next post! I was spending anywhere from $15-30 a week (yep) on chai when I go to the bookstore/coffee shop to study.

I am a coffee shop lover. I worked in one for years during college and would sit by the fireplace with a steamy hot soy vanilla latte and my camera...taking photos of the colorful people that came in and out.

Breakfast oatmeal cinnamon apples chia seeds. Almond vanilla chai latte

Kay posing before school after picking her clothes out.

Bookstore chai and a halloween craft.

I am off to finish studying and help Kay socially navigate her playdate. Not sure what is for lunch, but something quick! I will also walk on the treadmill before bed for about 30 minutes. Phew. Long Sunday ahead.

<3 Jayna'


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