Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1: The Last 31 Days of 2012

My home computer committed suicide. She is dead. After 5 years with our family Suzie has gone on to another plane. Too bad she took my hard drive with her. :(. I have to get someone to pull it ($$$$$). About 80% is backed up but not itunes. Sigh

Anyway, I am going ovaries to the wall not "balls to the wall" lol for the last days of 2012.

Today I did 60 minutes of Turbo and ate my Last Days of 2012 Breakfast Smoothie
*1/4 c oats
*1 c almond milk
*1.5 bananas
*3 prunes
*1 tbsp chai seeds
*1/4 c walnuts

Put the walnuts in after it is blended and only blend on pulse for about 3 seconds. That way you can chew the chunky bits!

Lunch: same smoothie
Snack: Fresh OJ and grapefruit juice
Dinner: Meatloaf. Roasted rosemary potatoes. Organic salsa and Mary's Gone Crackers chips. Today was the last of those. I ate the rest before they went stale. I don't want to consume anything overly processed during these 31 days. But I don't have money to waste so I ate em.

My workout plans include 100% at home workouts. No time for the gym at all :( but I have always said I rather workout here at home. And as Kay gets older, it gets easier in here with her.

I only have one app hanging over my head and some checking in with other applications to do so wish me luck please.

I set up a projected hopeful weight loss and fitness schedule for the next 31 days. I know it will be challenging to get up at 5 am in the pitch black and freezing cold house, but I have what it takes to make it happen.

Do you?????? Let's do it.
<3 Jayna'


bitt said...

What is your meatloaf recipe?

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