Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 31: New Year's Eve!

It's the last day of 2012 and I have been reflecting on oh so much. This 31 day little challenge was so amazing I have put back into place so many things I'd lost sight of. :)

I only had 5 hours of sleep and got it this morning to take down the Christmas tree...clean all of that up...shovel snow for 1.5 hours and take down my inflatable Christmas decorations.

The snow shoveling burned a ton of calories, but I came back inside and did 35 minutes of strength circuits and plyos. I was a sweaty beast when I was done #beastmode.

Exercise today:
  • shoulder press
  • tricep extension
  • hammer curls
  • bicep curls
  • lat pulls
  • jump rope
  • jumping jacks
  • star jumps
Food today:
  • Green Smoothie: spinach, bananas, almond milk, chia seeds, grapes
  • Huge honeycrisp apple
  • That's it so food tonite
Here are some reposts from awesome people to get your mind ready for the New Year...

10 Lame Ideas, Notions, Concepts, Beliefs & Standards To Let Go of On Your Way To Fulfillment

1. Let go of the belief that you’re not worthy of your desires. You are worthy of your desires

2. Let go of the fear-based notion that you have to say yes to everything in order to be liked, loved, profitable, charitable, kind. Fewer yeses can actually help you be more generous with your giving.

3. Let go of promises that you’ve outgrown. If a commitment is keeping you smaller or duller or safer than the person you’ve become, then it’s not serving anyone.

4. Let go of the insidiously subconscious standard that how you were treated in the past is how you should be treated now. Your family, your old boy/girl/friend, or your last boss may not be the best metric by which to measure how you want to be treated. You’ve grown — your standards for love should grow with you.

5. Let go of the incredibly sexy-dullifying belief that you’ll never get what you want the most. (See #1: You are worthy of your desires.)

6. Let go of the material shit that you just don’t like. In fact, if you don’t LOVE it, make a plan to get rid of it. Too tight, too shabby, brings up bad memories. As me n’ my girls habitually remind each other: “Fuckin-get-ridda-it.”

7. Let go of the concept that art is a luxury. It’s a necessity. A home without human-created art is like a face without eyes.

8. For the love of life, let go of the idea that there’s not enough time. You are the source of time in your life.

9. Let go of the crippling notion that your needs are merely wants. If you really really really deeply truly want to be seen, heard, met, or respected — well then, that’s probably a veritable need that you must have fulfilled to be … fulfilled. (And you should set out to have that need met on a daily basis.)

10. Let go of the “what sucks” story in your life. There’s lots to bitch about — and you should bitch — bitching can be incredibly life-affirming, clarifying and galvanizing. But then stop bitching.

Create a story of your future and tell it over and over again. A future that you’re looking forward to — a future of fulfilled desires, enoughness, plenty of time, and works of art everywhere.


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