Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Positive Programming and Upper Body No Sweat All Muscle Chest Workout

I had a delay in getting up this morning. I made it out of bed by 5:28 am. It was cold, but I warmed up pretty quickly. I wasn't pouring sweat as usual, but it was a good chest workout.

Upper Body No Sweat All Muscle Chest Workout:
  • bicep curls/jump rope
  • angle bicep curls/ jumping jacks
  • hammer curls/ jump rope
  • wide arm pushups/ jump squats
  • spiderman pushups/ burpees with a pushup
  • pushups with a twists/ jump rope

I have been super hungry for the past two days. Maybe TOM is near.I had two servings of dinner. All plant based amazing food and I'll have some grapes before bed. Yum. I've been thinking about positive programming lately so I want to share some thoughts.

It is vital for me to positively program myself with meditation even if it is for 2 minutes in the morning. I have to journal everyday in order to get my thoughts in order. On good days, I spend about 15-20 minutes in the morning journaling, reading spiritual texts, doing my morning journal pages...ad sitting in silence by candlelight and incense.

When I don't take the time to do those things or I don't have the time, I find myself just a bit overwhelmed.  I work hard on:
  • drinking tea or hot lemon water first thing
  • reading spiritual text
  • journaling
With that in mind, I am going to get off, hang with Kennedy and get my nighttime routine under way before 10 pm when I struggle to stay up so that I can see Parenthood! 


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