Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sandy Hook Simple Cardio Saturday

I have been wanting to do a dedication to Sandy Hook, but have not been able to really talk about it without crying my eyes out. My heart literally bleeds for the families of the victims. As most of you know my beautiful Kennedy had brain and spinal surgery 2 years ago. I sat by her bedside 24 hours a day watching her fight with every strength of her for her life...I cried from the bottom of my soul and as the chaplain came in to speak to me about the possibility of her not making it and to bless her body, I would NOT accept that there was any possibility BUT for her survival.

The parents of the kiddos from Sandy Hook had no such warning. No such "attempt" at making peace with it. And for ME, that is what stings and burns. So, today I got out of bed kinda tired from my Sex & the City marathon last nite, got dressed in green and put on Pandora (Lil Wayne Channel) and got amped up. Simple workout because I knew I didn't want to be super complicated. My mission was remember the kids and the brave teachers who protected them (oh my I'm crying again)...

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Sandy Hook  Simple Cardio Saturday:

This workout is in 4 Parts

Part 1:
  • Set a timer for 30 secs/20 secs (you can use an app for Android or iPhone called Interval Timer or get a GYMBOSS. But a simple kitchen timer could work too!
  • 30 secs= jump rope 
  • 20 secs= swings (after starting to cry these were very very difficult. I have to put swings back in my mix a few times a week because I need to improve these)
  • I did 30 rounds, but wanted to do 26 and set the timer wrong
Part 2:
  • Timer on 6:30 (2 rounds) Straight jumprope. This was awesome.
Part 3:
  • 26 Flip n squats
Part 4:
  • 26 rounds of 15 sec planks on BOSU
This may seem like a lot, but it all took me only 45 minutes. My magic workout number. If you do it, let me know. Try not to cry through the entire thing like I did!
photo 2.JPG
Today is a bit of the usual. Laundry. Cleaning. I'm going to give Halo a haircut tonite while watching movies with Kay after her playdate and read myself to sleep. I am loving May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein. I highly suggest you check it out. Imma put pictures of all these things in the carousel below.
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Go work on having a wonderful day. Eat well. Keep your stress low. Do something amazing for your body. Feel strong. And be positive!


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