Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sexy in the New Year Workout: Gym Bound

Last nite I got in bed about 11:15 and was DONE. I needed to get my sleep because today I am 100% OFF and wanted to take care of a few things.  House keeping like bills, cleaning out whatever is dead rotten in my fridge, exercise, going to my friend's new house...etc.
 Me without glasses. Cute sweater but I cut off the boots :(
 RKC Planks

This morning (no almost never) I got up at 7:10 am and took care of Kay. Cheese grits and a GF waffle this morning. She was excited! Plus it's cold as ice. I made the bed and got dressed for my workout.

After putting Kay on the bus I decided that I would go to the gym. You know the one I never go to. Even as I was driving there I was thinking to myself what a waste of my time it was to drive, get unpacked, find my equipment, etc. But I committed to going so I did! Of course some people wanted to talk a hole in my  head, but I pointed to my headphones and kept it moving.

On my way to the gym today...

Pre-workout Fuel: 2 apples and water

Sexy in the New Year:
Do each circuit three times before moving on.
  • shoulder press/high knees
  • front lat raise/jumping jacks
  • side lat raise/high knees
  • French press/jumping jacks
  • tricep kickbacks/high knees
  • dips on bench/jumping jacks
Finishers: Tabatas
  • mountain climbers
  • burpees
Tabata Repeat:
  • elliptical 10/20 (hard!)
Okay  here is what I don't like about the gym...aside from the dirty floors is people staring like you are on a reality show when you do anything that isn't deemed "normal". UGH. I just turned up the Lil Wayne and went HAM.  I was honestly gasping for breath. It was awesome.

I like to keep it simple no matter what so 45 minutes IN and OUT. Cardio and I are not best friends by any means. And I love carbs...that takes me out of the running for "average exercise woman" but who wants to be average.

My stomach as been weird today and last nite so I am going to eat a lot of carb today...yes that's right. Carbs.

Today what are you going to do to make deposits in your body? Make time for you! I am hoping get excited about the Biggest Loser is coming back next week!!!!!


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