Friday, January 4, 2013

Southern Gyrl Glute Workout and Motivation

Are you are track for 2013? Not yet? Need some motivation?  (Southern Gyrl Glute Workout is below :) )

There is no time like the present. It is a gift...that's why it's called the present. :) So, if you are worried about getting started because you don't know where to start or HOW to keep is what you do...

  • Start slowly. Just get up off the couch. That is the hardest part. Just to GET UP.
Time is passing whether you do or don't do what you need to. You might as well get started on your goals and when the time eventually passes you will be that much farther along.

There is no perfect or right way to do any of this. Parenting. Exercise. Diet. You just have to get prepared and do what is best for you.

Seeking the best body:

Take a realistic look at your bone structure, your body type, your access to equipment and your goals. Don't worry about looking like ANYONE else. You aim to be the best version of YOU. The sexiest, strongest, leanest version of yourself.  And be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time to change and to grow and realize that if you have been inactive or overweight for some time that it will take SOME TIME to get to the sexy, strong body that you want.

Don't let anyone tell you that it's too late to start or to become anything that you dream of becoming. YOU determine how your life turns out. So, take control of your thoughts and you will be more than half way there! Need any help, email me!

Now you know I love my legs...and women with strong, sexy legs. Keeping in mind the body structure God gave you, you can take "iron pills" (weights) and make some changes!

Southern Gyrl Glute Workout:
  • Deep squats/ squat jumps
  • Alternating split squats/ jump rope
  • Sumo squats/ plyo squats
  • One leg dead lifts/ jumping jacks
  • Standing calf raises/ lunge jumps (I die)
  • Pelvic thrust/ hip raises
My ass was on fire. So of course I did a Part 2:
  • Deadlifts bar (50#) I need more weight
  • Band squat walks (oucccchhh)
  • Exteral DB hip abductions (one 10#). Trust me it's all you need
  • Did 3 rounds of that to finish.
  • TOAST!
So come on let's get going! Get up off the couch and the computer. And get going!


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