Monday, January 7, 2013

Tight and Tiny Glutes Workout and My Sunday in Pictures

Last nite I tried so hard to get my Sunday in pictures posted, but it deleted the post twice and I was super tired so I fell asleep. This post will be long (sorry).

I am trying to get back into my normal sleep patterns. Starting tomorrow I have to get up at 5:30 to get my workout in because you know I don't like late nite workouts.

I am in the process of moving my home gym down in Kennedy's apartment because I am kinda sick of having pix of my bedroom online and I want to get a good position for videos without having to make my bed first.

Here are my pictures from yesterday and below is the Tight and Tiny Glutes Workout

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 1.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 4.JPG
photo 5.JPG

Tight and Tiny Glutes Workout: (timer set 30 secs at a time)
  • Alternating front lunges/ jump lunges
  • Rear lunges/ burpees
  • Squats with kicks/ jump squats
  • Plie squats/ Plyo pliĆ©
  • Squats with side kicks/ jump rope
  • Calf Raises/ Sexy scissors
Part 2: 5 rounds of each of these
  • Deadlifts with bar (you could use dumbbells) x10
  • leg lifts with 10# on thigh x 15 each side
  • squat band walks (ohhhhh my goddess)
  • goblet squats x 10
I actually thought I was going to quit during Part 2, but didn't! It was so hard!

Green smoothie of the day:
  • lots of spinach
  • almond milk
  • 2 tbsps. of almond butter
  • frozen pineapples
  • 3 frozen bananas
  • chia seeds
  • hemp seeds
Off to get some things done. Tomorrow starts training. So everyday busy all day. Made lots of food for the week so I just need to take care of Halo and get a paper for work.


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