Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upper Body Sweat Fest and Thoughts on Unhealthy Vegans

No super early morning again today! I got up at 7 am. Up all nite watching Biggest Loser and Deception productive television :)

And since I knew I would have an easy morning (about to go to work in a few) I knew I could get my training in with the radio blasting again after I dropped Kennedy off at school.

For some reason things kept distracting me. I ate 1/2 a banana and 1/2 an orange about 20 minutes before I set out to do this Upper Body Sweat Fest:

Set timer on 30 second intervals. The total workout took me 42 minutes.

  1. Few minutes to warm up with my rope. I can't wait until it warms up and I can go into the garage and warm up on the treadmill...just to mix it up

  2. Workout in order. The slash means 30 seconds of the first exercise then 30 seconds of the cardio move

    1. Vertical pull burpee/just rest for 30 seconds

    2. Shoulder press/squat jumps (the knee didn't like this either)

    3. One arm row right/rope

    4. One are row left/rope

    5. Front raises/ rope

    6. Bicep curls/crunches on SB

    7. Tricep dips/criss cross jacks

    8. Push ups/plank----My pushups sucked big time today

  3. Part II

    1. Tabata: Jumprope double unders

    2. Set timer 10 seconds rest/20 seconds effort

    3. On the 10 seconds do a basic bounce...go slowly

    4. On the 20 seconds kill it.

I felt great when I was done. I realize how much I hate working out in the cold. So I set my heater to 70 AND put the space heater on for the warm up. What can I say I love my sweat!

My bad knee is acting up again. I am sure I did something to tweak it in yesterday's Cold House Killer Glute and Thigh Workout I did something to annoy it. I think on the way down for one of my single leg deadlifts I lost a bit of my balance. All this means is that single leg stuff (my fav) is off the table until I feel better and I'll wear a brace this week. Not sure if this brace is good enough, but Imma try.

Unhealthy Vegans...Unhealthy Vegan Thought Patterns.
Let me just say this title can apply to anyone. Unhealthy meat eaters (duh). Unhealthy vegetarians. Unhealthy exercisers. People can do a bunch of things that make them unhealthy. But what I want to talk about today is finding balance NO MATTER what your diet consist of.

Sometimes people think that veganism is the magic pill or that raw food is the magic pill. But I know from lived experience that this isn't the case. All of the unhealthy food habits I developed in college carried over into my transition to vegetarianism and then veganism while in college. I just stopped eating Pizza Hut pizza and instead gorged on vegan pizza. The thing I needed to change hadn't changed yet.... my thought patterns. I desperately needed a brain transplant. I couldn't understand how knowing what I knew I couldn't make the necessary changes!

***ding ding ding. light bulbs going off***

What I needed (and didn't have then) was a toolbox full of things that I could to create balance and focus on health NOT just animal welfare and not consuming animal products! Wow... the second I made that shift in thinking, things started to make more sense to me. Here are things it took me years and years to figure out. I hope it helps you.

Healthy Vegan Toolbox:

  • Focus on a balanced diet. I don't mean counting macronutrients, I mean whatever feels like a well rounded "meal" for you.

    • Example: GF oats, cinnamon, almond milk, chia seeds with a green smoothie is a well rounded solid meal for me. Vary the amounts of each ingredient to meet your caloric or dietary needs.

  • Take a well rounded multivitamin. My head was swimming with info on what I was "missing" in my diet now that I was vegan. I was hunting down fortified soy milk (back when I drank this) and fortified cereals etc. I found a great Raw Vegan Multivitamin

  • In the beginning I ate a lot of the transition mock meats. yes I did. NOT eating animal products was far more important than overly processed faux meatballs right? Well, now I know better and when I coach people into transitioning I tell them to get as much of it in the beginning as they feel they need then slowly fade it back within the coming months.

  • Eat vegetables. It sounds crazy, but find whatever veggies you like and eat em eat em eat em. Kennedy only really likes broccoli. Rather than force her to eat other things, I make broccoli every single day (and she likes salad).

    • Fill your plate with 1/2 veggies cooked and raw at each meal! It will be an easy habit to keep soon.

  • Talk to other vegans. Email me anytime at veganmommie@gmail.com or go to vegan websites/chat rooms and get inspired by those who transitioned and are living cruelty free lifestyles right now!

There is some stuff for your toolbox to get you started. Already a vegan? Can you clean up your diet some? Get rid of some of the processed stuff in favor of easy to make homemade goodies? Tomorrow's post will be about how easy it is to be a plant-based vegan...


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