Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week Ending Catch Up and A Few Workouts

I am so tired, but don't want another day to go by without blogging. The week's ending was cray cray. Lots of crazy weather and training all day. Plus Kay had a crisis. I can't talk about it here, but just say a prayer for her...and for me. One day at a time.

Thursday and Friday I got up at 5 ish to get my workouts done. I'm realizing that if I turn the space heater on in the living room while I get dressed and brush my teeth, it  is just warm enough for me to get started. It takes me about 5 minutes to warm up and really wake up, but then I'm ready to go. Plus it feels so good just knowing that it over.
Saturday when Kennedy went with her father I went to the gym. I set up to do some crazy ass intervals and I did. I thought my legs would turn to jello. As usual the playlist was hitting and I just went HAM. Awesome time :) Then I did a

Quick Ender Butt Finisher:
  • Squats with dumbells 1x20sx5; 1x25sx5; 1x30sx5
  • Deadlifts 50 3x10
  • Kickbacks 3x10 each leg
Wanted to do more but the resolution gym goers were on every machine. I woulda worked out at home, but wanted to get out of the house.
photo 1.JPG
Then I went to an indie coffee shop and had the best full fat coconut milk Indian spice tea. good. I chatted with a friend for a few hours and then met her and her boyfriend at her new amazing townhouse! We drank fairtrade Turkish coffee and cracked jokes until it was time for me to see Django Unchained. I cried and then cried some more. Enough said.

These people skipped me in line at the theater. Ugh...
photo 2.JPG
This week will be bananas. More all day everyday training so I have fitted myself with a fitness plan that is killer crazy for this week. Per usual, my rise time will be 5 am and I will go straight to it! Had some fairtrade organic coffee French pressed.
photo 3.JPG
Today was Sunday so I got lot of cooking done. Meatless loafs, steamed broccoli, juiced grapefruits, Mexican tofu scramble, organic potato homefries.
photo 4.JPG
Now I'm off to bed. I hope that your week is amazing. I'll do my best to blog every morning even if it is short and motivational. 


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