Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gym Crazy Intervals/Heavy Legs and Home Gym Photos

Yesterday Kennedy wanted to go to her dad's so that meant I could go to the gym for a bit. I had some errands to run before the snow started so I didn't get to the gym until about 2:30 was packed. ugh....

I cracked a few jokes with some ladies in the locker room while I got dressed and ready to get on the floor. I figured that I'd have to share equipment and wait around and sure enough I did. Refer back to why I love working out at home to know that it annoys me to have to wait around on equipment.

Gym Crazy Cardio and Heavy Legs

My workout was in a few parts...

Part I
  • Warm up on treadmill for 5 minutes (I am not allowed to bring a rope into the gym...long story)
Part II
  • Heavy extra leg lift. On Saturday I try to add a few sets of heavy leg exercises since I am working on my legs this month. Someone stole the neck cushion for the Smith machine (gyms annoy me) so I couldn't go heavier on the squats or my upper back would be killing me
    • Smith Squats
      • 50# x 10
      • 100#x5, then 5
    • Deadlifts
      • 50#x10, then 10
      • 60#x10, then 10
    • Plie Squats (dumbbell)
      • 30#x10
      • 35#10
      • 40#x10
      • 45#x10
    • Leg Press (single leg)
      • 70#x10
      • 50#10x3
Part III
  • Treadmill Intervals (total 14:45)
    • Started at 5.0 and worked my way up to 8.6 intervals. Yes PR at 8.6!
Part IV
  • Planks
  • Stretching
It was a great 1 hour and 5 mins total workout. Longer than I normally workout, but I have to factor in waiting around on machines and looking for that damn neck cushion!

Here is the sweet home gym slash Kennedy's toy apartment that I prefer to use. Sorry the picture quality sucks, I was rushing and used my iPod touch because it has a zillion GB so it's my go to for quick pictures.

photo 1.JPG
An assortment of weights and KBs. I like to keep it simple. Weights go from 3's to 35's (but I don't have 30's yet)

photo 2.JPG
The rest of the weights I described. Higher pounds. Ignore those red canisters! They are empty and there to separate the weights. lol
photo 3.JPG
Bosu and my stability ball. Planks and all kinds of other craziness.

photo 4.JPG
Bench. My ONE 8# medicine ball, my step (underneath) and my flat bench. Simple. No adjustable bench and all that. Just keeping it simple and low key. And my massage therapist foam roller.
photo 5.JPG
Kennedy's trampoline, but I use it for like 2 minutes before my daily challenge. Are you doing it??? squats everyday...increasing each day by 5 squats. Today I have to do 25 at 15#s
photo 1.JPG
In my bedroom in front of my bed where the bench and weights used to be now lives my yoga studio....
photo 2.JPG
Yoga studio slash spinning studio. LOL. I am planning on adding spinning back soon.

Well, that's it! I keep it simple and have realized that consistency is the way to go for me. The simpler the better. When it comes to nutrition and my fitness. 45 minutes and under work best for me and simple nutrition work best.

Off to do my squat challenge! I had my green smoothie (other part of February's challenge) today....sooooo good.

Sunday's Filling Vegan Oatmeal:
  1. 1/2 c GF oats
  2. 1/2 c almond milk
  3. cinnamon
  4. 1 tsp chia seeds
  5. 1 apple diced
  6. 1 c fresh strawberries (added after cooked)
  7. omgoddess drool.

Challenge Green Smoothie:
  1. spinach
  2. almond milk
  3. 3 dried figs
  4. banana
  5. frozen mango
  6. greener grasses
  7. 1 tsp flaxseed
Now I am fasting until tomorrow at noon. Just needed a bit of a break. Bubble bath on the menu with a juicy book tonite! See ya tomorrow!


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