Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Am Struggling This Week- I Will Turn It Around

I always like to be 100% honest on this blog. This week I am struggling. Work is swamping all around me and I have been so stressed. I haven't worked out in 4 or 5 days and my eating hasn't been the best either...

I am trying to get a firm handle on my therapy practice, but I keep finding myself overly stressed on a daily basis. I think part of it is because I am so empathic...I find myself thinking about certain family situations even in my sleep. This has to stop. Don't worry I am working on ways to STOP doing this and to not take it home with me. And oh the paperwork...pause

I know that when things are tough it is MOST important to follow the steps I have laid out for myself that keep me focused and sane, but that is the time I feel like doing them the least! I focus a lot on self-care, but when I am pushed to my limits is when I practice my self-care rituals the least amount of time. What's that about?

Well, last nite I had enough. I wasn't proud of the dinner I ate (although I had healthy options in the fridge) and I decided to tidy up some paperwork that my supervisor made me redo and then take a hot bath, read a  novel, and get in bed by 11pm.

This morning I was adamant about getting up by 6:30am rather than getting out of the bed at 7:10 and rushing all around (one less stressor right). Now I am going to take a big deep breath, journal, jump on the trampoline and get my head right about making healthy food choices today. As much as I hate evening workouts, I am planning to do one tonite after I get home from work and Kay gets home from school. Full body to get me back on track.

I really want to uncover WHY I don't utilize all the tools in my toolbox when I need them most. This situation reeks of self-sabotage...time to journal and uncover what's going on, but not before I made some tea and set my intention for the day.

Send me some good vibes...I won't let 5 days of bad eating and no exercise turn into 2 weeks!


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