Monday, February 4, 2013

Inspiring Raw Black Woman Video Get My Glutes Ready Workout

Her name is Annette Larkins. She is in her 70s and looks 40. Living in Miami doesn't hurt I'm sure. But she is a raw vegan and didn't start until her 40s!!!  In honor of Black History Month which I gave you a few cool Black blogs last year. I will do a specific Black History post for Black websites I'm loving right now.

Kay slept at her dad's. So, I missed the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl so that I could get rest and ensure I was up on time to workout this morning before my meetings and guess what? I did it! Oh yea (doing the cabbage patch). I got out of the bed...turned on the heaters and got ready.

Today I did legs. It will be a very busy week so I have only planned short workouts to make sure I don't overwhelmed and to ensure that I get it done. Consistency will win everyday any day in my book.

Just do you best to get a workout in
Short Get My Glutes Ready Workout:

Part I
  • Warm Up 5 mins of rope
Part II
  • 40 seconds of effort/20 secs of rest.
  • Do the entire circuit 3 times
  • Total time 21 mins of work
    • tactical lunges
    • deadlift squat jumps
    • step ups left leg
    • step ups right leg
    • butt squeezes
    • alternating single leg bridge
    • squats with side kicks
Part III
  • Tabatas (jumprope) 4 minutes
Part IV
  • Feb Challenge: 30 squats with 15s

Total= 40 minutes.
 I am off! BL tonite!


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