Monday, February 25, 2013

Trying to Do the Next BEST Thing

I have been dealing with several disappointments lately. I am too upset to really talk about them, but I think it's important for me to "show up" here and not cower under the covers with a novel for the next few weeks. (please send me some happy vibes)

My job demands have been super strenuous and it has been terribly difficult to find a schedule for myself. Getting up at 5 am has seemed impossible due to my very late nights filled with insurance paperwork. :(

I got up through the night with a sore throat so who knows what today will bring, but I am going to try to take a short walk this afternoon in hopes of getting myself back into the swing of things. Honestly, I have been so emotionally upset that my great planning has gone out of the window.

On a positive note, I have been working around the clock to clear my house of clutter. Now to most standards my home is always neat and tidy, but for me there was just too much stuff. Too many books...too many CDs/ get the point. I have an upcoming post about my "uncluttering" way of life.

I apologize that the blog hasn't been motivational as of late, but it's important to be 100% honest about where I am along this journey in hopes that others can encourage me or know that it isn't "perfect" all the time. And I too have trouble staying the course when life is tough.

Here is what I do know...when I am falling (due mostly to stress or being overwhelmed)...the best advice I give myself is "DO THE NEXT BEST THING". Meaning....I really needed water...I have only been drinking about 1.5 liters a day and that is no where near the amount I need. The next best thing is to drink 1 L of water and eat an apple.

So, if you are stuck right now, what's your next best thing?

  • I have lots of juice and a smoothie packed for my work day...
  • I woke up early enough to take care of my dishes and pack Kennedy's lunch so as not to have to rush this morning.
  • And I will be taking a 45 minute walk after work to get my body moving again and to clear my mind.



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