Thursday, February 28, 2013

What To Do When You are A Vegan and are Sick

Let me start by saying I hate being sick. But who loves it right? I have an allergy attack type head cold thing. I know rite? WTF is that about? As a vegan I make sure to focus on my plants while I'm sick.

I have been really stressed at work and not exercising daily like I normally do...then my diet began to slip because I was busy and ripping and running...not enough rest and then bam...illness.

Two days no's what I've been doing while sick: (and what I normally do)

  • Drink lots of juice:
    • Green juice: celery, apple, lemon, kale
    • Orange juice
  • Lots and lots of tea
    • Spearmint yerba mate
    • Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat with Echinacea
  • Lots of water
  • When hungry oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
  • Hot hot bubble baths with oil
    • Take a small container and put about 4 oz of oil in it and add drops of lavender and tea tree oil
  • Easing off of exercise
I am hoping to be back to being my real self in a few days. I have to work tomorrow all day and then tons to do all weekend long. I am so ready to move my body and start sweating I literally dreamed I was walking on my treadmill!

What do you do to get back healthy when a bug has you down?


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