Wednesday, March 27, 2013

100% Raw for 30 Days: In Defense of Vegans

It's been a while since I've felt I needed to go "In Defense of Vegans" and I will save the longer speech for a blog I'm writing about "Plant Based Vegan vs Paleo" stay tuned for that one. It's funny too! (at least I think so)...

I love being a vegan. I have been one for over 12 years. I can't imagine a day when I won't be. That is MY choice. I've gotten a few messages from people telling me that I need to "reconsider" my vegan lifestyle. I won't. Period. Kennedy has asked to eat eggs and seafood. I made her do research and that started eight months ago. Just this past week she ate her first free range, organic, vegetarian fed eggs. She broke out terribly and was sick as a dog. Missed two days of school. ALLERGY. She asked me to eat them with her and I told her no and explained why.

At her father's house she is a pesco-vegan. She now eats wild caught salmon (well she is supposed to start eating next week), but has already eaten shrimp and lobster with him alongside her normal organic, gluten free fare. I don't want to eat that way...and I won't have it here, but I have told her she is old enough to make up her own mind about food so long as she CONSCIOUSLY consumes. She has to eat wild caught and she has to think about the animal that gave its life for her. I told her NO WAY to chicken and red meat. She agrees.

Point is: I believe in being vegan. I believe in raw food. I believe in carbs. An upcoming post will be about all those things.

So, make your food choices based off what is best for YOU and you alone. What makes sense in YOUR world? For me the thought of consuming animal products of any kind make me want to gag...and cry actually.

Lately, the stress in my life has been making me think of juice feasting. I always lighten my load and after three days, the cravings for food are over and I can cleanse my mind and body. But with this hectic schedule, all juice would be a set up for disaster. So, I am going to do 30 days of 100% raw. I still need to run to the store, but hopefully I can start this weekend. Maybe tomorrow...hmmm

Anyway, no fat gram counting for these 30 days. Just going to dehydrate some flax crackers and eat lots of salads and smoothies with green juice thrown in. I just need to simplify things right now. I feel like my skin has lost its shine, my hair its luster and I am just feeling kinda blah.

I know it is the stress I am under at work and with this potential life changing news I'm facing, but still....

Going to keep things simple (that's the point of this) and to RESET my system.

  1. Juice
  2. Smoothies (all green of course)
  3. Salads with avocados and olives
  4. Loads of sauerkraut...been craving it lately
  5. Fruit as in between snacks, but will try to minimize snacking so I can get my digestion back on track
  6. Detox baths
  7. Daily yoga sessions
  8. Early nites

That's the plan. Plain and simple. It is still really cold here or I would try to go lighter on the fat. Wish me luck!!! I'm actually really excited. I haven't been this jazzed about my food in a long time. I even got a new refrigerator in time! It came today. It is a bit bigger (not my idea), but it will keep the things fresher and more crisp.

So, I'm off to take a hot bath tonite and get another early nite. Reading this cute helps me keep my mind light before bed and easily drift off to sleep. Tomorrow after work I will see about going to the store allllll the way across town to get my "raw supplies".


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