Sunday, March 31, 2013

Days 2-4: 100% Raw.

How's it going this weekend? I am doing great. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to blog as the days go on... I am going to work on that this week, but I worked a ton this week and Friday was spring break for the kids' school and I STILL had to work.

Day 2: 100% raw. It went really well. I felt amazing (duh :) and did a leg workout at home before heading out for work. IT was short, but effective. My butt hurt for a day afterwards.

Day 3: 100% raw. Guess what??? I went to my favorite restaurant and still ate 100% raw. Oh yea... I won't lie. I had that convo with myself that was saying, "You only come here every few months, get your favorite dishes". But, I didn't. I still had a great meal, great time, and great raw dessert. I even did a 10 minute jump rope circuit before I left.

Kennedy and I went to The Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore. We had a blast. She is so smart, it just blows my mind. We stayed for hours and read every sign. We even went on the part of the tour dedicated to the Middle Passage twice!

Day 4: 100% raw. Today. Rainy and cold. I craved dates all day. And so dates I ate! OMG these are the gooiest, juiciest dates...ever! I truly believe that magic happens when dates, cinnamon, and bananas combine. Pure magic. I did yoga today with Kennedy. It was so good to be back on my mat and in the flow. I felt a definite shift. I also got a jumpstart on my April challenge of: 1 green smoothie and yoga EVERYDAY for the month of April.

It is a busy week as usual. I am trying to factor in how to get my workouts done in an efficient manner and how to minimize stress this entire week.

So how am I feeling about my 30 day raw challenge so far? I am feeling great. Remembering all the reasons I love raw food and love keeping raw food simple. My "mind" is very attached to cooked food...really as a thought. I will say to myself, "What about going to an Indian restaurant?" Even though I don't want any Indian food right now. It's crazy thinking. I don't have any cravings whatsoever right now. I guess I'll keep going with the flow and eating until I am full and repeating at lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Who knows what I may decide at the end of this challenge! Hopefully it will be warm by then!


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