Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Days 7-12: The Raw vs Cooked Dilemma

Okay. I started thinking about cooked food for the past two days. I haven't had any, but I think it's because work has been overwhelming and my natural recourse is to grab salty, or fluffy snacks.

Of course what happens is my mind starts to trick me by saying things like, "A little cooked at dinner won't hurt you. You don't need to be so serious with all of this. There are plenty of really healthy people who eat cooked food" etc.

Truth is, I know this already, but these 30 days are as much for spiritual clarity as they are physical clarity. If I allow myself to fall right back into old patterns then nothing has changed.

I have been eating large meals. Mainly:
Breakfast: 5-8 bananas blended with almond milk, spinach, and about 5 dates

Lunch: similar or 10 oranges

Dinner: same as breakfast or a HUGE salad with 1/2 or 1 small avocado, lemon juice, tomatoes, few hempseeds.

What I am learning is that yes I do miss raw food. I fell into my 60% cooked diet as a result of this crazy harsh cold East Coast winter. I sincerely do miss raw food. In particular greens and how vibrant and alive they make me feel. I have a bday coming up in 2 1/2 months and I want to feel amazing.

And I will.......

So... I need to work on
  • getting enough water. because I drive around so much, I find myself drinking less so that I don't have to pee all day
  • rest. doing better with that these past few days
  • stress. doing better with that--journal, journal, journal
  • not eating late.
Okay I'm off for a long day at work! And Kennedy starts state testing today....nervousssssssssssssssssss

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 6 of 30: Making Green Juice HELLA FAST

With the exception of working being a pain in my ass, all is well in my world. Can't seem to get up to workout, so evening walks and yoga have been my thing. It's all good because it was actually snowing here today= zero motivation to wake up early.

Tomorrow evening I'll be training someone at the gym (as well as Friday) so I know that I'll get a solid workout in then.

Today I ate:
  • BREAKFAST: green smoothie: 7 bananas/10 dates/kale/almond milk/frozen blueberries
  • LUNCH: green smoothie: kale/ 5 bananas/6 dates/almond milk and 4 large navel oranges (woulda been five but I gave one to someone who only brought a cheese stick to lunch-gag)a
  • DINNER: green smoothie: parsley/romaine/strawberries/frozen pineapple
  • huge salad: romaine/grape tomatoes/nutritional yeast/pumpkin seeds/hempseeds/dulse/lemon/pickles/ sauerkraut

April Challenge:
  1. Green smoothie: check times three
  2. Yoga daily: check tonite before bed
  3. Exercise daily: check. 20 minute walk
I started thinking tonite about things missing from my healthy regime...and juice is at the top of that list. I love love love green juice, but rarely make the time to fix it. I will whip up a green smoothie in a heartbeat, but juice? I have been slacking. So what did I do?

I make 4 pints of green juice. I'll consume em tomorrow!

Green Juices (made in a jiffy) (blend/nut milk bag/done)
  1. Parsley/lemon/apple
  2. Kale/apple/lemon/celery/meyer lemon
  3. Cilantro/pineapple/lemon
I am excited to wake up to this juice and I will have to find a way to make juicing a part of my lifestyle again at least 3-5 times per week. I have some organic beets, more celery, more kale...etc so I won't let it go to waste! Juice to the rescue.

Tomorrow will be a long day, but I'm looking forward to my evening in the gym. Off to get some rest, but I promised to work hard to post daily so here I am!!!!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 5: Why I ALWAYS Go Back to a High Fruit Diet

Happy Monday. I have mentioned here the stress from my job...well, it is time that I look around for another one. I am not used to dealing with this much stress...it is keeping me up at night and that sucks big time. So, I am looking into something different--almost looking anyway.

Day 5 went off without a hitch. Only trouble is my NOT making enough time for exercise. Normally, I wake up without an alarm clock. I have to make breakfast for both me and Kennedy, lunch for us both, go over her schedule (Autism prep time :) and get both of our bags ready. THAT is a lot--trust me. We only have about an hour and fifteen minutes between wake time and leave out of the door time. Phew. Oh and I take the dog out and feed her.

I loathe late nite workouts, but until I can get my stress levels down and my sleep UP, they are what I have to do. Tonight my stomach was out of whack. I think it's from not drinking enough water...some bloating too... so I just opted for a walk. 45 minutes. Slow and steady, but I DID IT. No excuses.

April Challenge:
  1. Green smoothie daily--- check. (5 bananas, 10 dates, almond milk, cinnamon) and then I had a kale smoothie later.
  2. Yoga daily---- check. 5 minutes on my mat
  3. Exercise daily----- check. 45 slow walk


I have mentioned before that for ME a high fruit diet feels the best in my body. It just does. When I was my leanest and most fit, I ate about 2800-3000 calories a day...mostly fruit. It sounds crazy, but it is so true.

Whenever I am getting back into my swing of things, I want to "feel" good and so fruit becomes first on my list. I know the many questions about fruit (the sugar, weight gain, etc), but I firmly believe that our bodies are meant to run on the sugar from fruit.

Truthfully, whenever I leave lots of cooked food and vegan junk food and I switch back over to fruit...the first two weeks are rough. Rough in the sense that I gain a few pounds (bloated really).

Reasons Why I Love Eating Fruit:
  1. It tastes amazing...let's be serious :)
  2. My digestion is as smooth as a baby's ass
  3. Easy to get full and feel satisfied
  4. Super quick to make, crazy easy clean up too
  5. I feel healthier and more authentic with my beliefs about food as fuel
  6. I don't have to restrict calories
Things I Notice When Eating Cooked Food vs Raw and Fruit NOT Fat
  1. When I eat cooked food, I need to restrict my calories in order to lose weight
  2. When I eat raw and lots of cooked food, my stomach hurts- my digestion is bothered
  3. Cooked low fat is BETTER than raw HIGH fat--- any day
  4. Cooking food takes lots of time and prep- especially when I'm making two separate dishes for me and Kay
  5. I enjoy plant based low fat cooked food...

Here is the protocol I like to follow:
  1. Breakfast: fruit. Smoothies mainly...duh :) 5-7 bananas, about 10 dates, water/or almond milk, cinnamon, spinach and tons of it. Been adding a cup of frozen blueberries for something kinda cold
  2. Lunch: Either same or 8-12 oranges with other fresh fruit. Lately blueberries, strawberries and apple slices. Maybe a handful of organic raisins
  3. Dinner: Huge salad. 2 heads romaine, 1 c cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, lemon juice, dulse flakes, sauerkraut sometimes, fermented pickles, nutritional yeast, hempseeds, pumpkin seeds maybe.
  4. Dessert- frozen bananas blended into ice cream with dates chopped in or some other concoctions
Low Fat Fruity Raw Vegan Recipes I Want To Try:
  1. Smoothies: oranges, strawberries, dates...blend
  2. Salad dressing: just blended oranges over my normal salad ingredient base of romaine/cherry tomatoes. Not sure about this one, but will try it
  3. Wanna make a zucchini pasta soon
  4. Apple/date pie
For me it is all about feeling good. I can lose weight IMMEDIATELY if I chart calories, count them, and restrict certain foods, but I don't feel as good as I do when I eat a lot of fruit. Even though I'm trying to lose a few last pounds, I am more concerned with eating really healthy foods and feeling great than anything else.

Will I ever eat cooked food again? I'm sure I will...but for 30 days it's all a fruity/veggie/low fat dream :)

DO you love fruit?


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