Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 5: Why I ALWAYS Go Back to a High Fruit Diet

Happy Monday. I have mentioned here the stress from my job...well, it is time that I look around for another one. I am not used to dealing with this much is keeping me up at night and that sucks big time. So, I am looking into something different--almost looking anyway.

Day 5 went off without a hitch. Only trouble is my NOT making enough time for exercise. Normally, I wake up without an alarm clock. I have to make breakfast for both me and Kennedy, lunch for us both, go over her schedule (Autism prep time :) and get both of our bags ready. THAT is a lot--trust me. We only have about an hour and fifteen minutes between wake time and leave out of the door time. Phew. Oh and I take the dog out and feed her.

I loathe late nite workouts, but until I can get my stress levels down and my sleep UP, they are what I have to do. Tonight my stomach was out of whack. I think it's from not drinking enough water...some bloating too... so I just opted for a walk. 45 minutes. Slow and steady, but I DID IT. No excuses.

April Challenge:
  1. Green smoothie daily--- check. (5 bananas, 10 dates, almond milk, cinnamon) and then I had a kale smoothie later.
  2. Yoga daily---- check. 5 minutes on my mat
  3. Exercise daily----- check. 45 slow walk


I have mentioned before that for ME a high fruit diet feels the best in my body. It just does. When I was my leanest and most fit, I ate about 2800-3000 calories a day...mostly fruit. It sounds crazy, but it is so true.

Whenever I am getting back into my swing of things, I want to "feel" good and so fruit becomes first on my list. I know the many questions about fruit (the sugar, weight gain, etc), but I firmly believe that our bodies are meant to run on the sugar from fruit.

Truthfully, whenever I leave lots of cooked food and vegan junk food and I switch back over to fruit...the first two weeks are rough. Rough in the sense that I gain a few pounds (bloated really).

Reasons Why I Love Eating Fruit:
  1. It tastes amazing...let's be serious :)
  2. My digestion is as smooth as a baby's ass
  3. Easy to get full and feel satisfied
  4. Super quick to make, crazy easy clean up too
  5. I feel healthier and more authentic with my beliefs about food as fuel
  6. I don't have to restrict calories
Things I Notice When Eating Cooked Food vs Raw and Fruit NOT Fat
  1. When I eat cooked food, I need to restrict my calories in order to lose weight
  2. When I eat raw and lots of cooked food, my stomach hurts- my digestion is bothered
  3. Cooked low fat is BETTER than raw HIGH fat--- any day
  4. Cooking food takes lots of time and prep- especially when I'm making two separate dishes for me and Kay
  5. I enjoy plant based low fat cooked food...

Here is the protocol I like to follow:
  1. Breakfast: fruit. Smoothies mainly...duh :) 5-7 bananas, about 10 dates, water/or almond milk, cinnamon, spinach and tons of it. Been adding a cup of frozen blueberries for something kinda cold
  2. Lunch: Either same or 8-12 oranges with other fresh fruit. Lately blueberries, strawberries and apple slices. Maybe a handful of organic raisins
  3. Dinner: Huge salad. 2 heads romaine, 1 c cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, lemon juice, dulse flakes, sauerkraut sometimes, fermented pickles, nutritional yeast, hempseeds, pumpkin seeds maybe.
  4. Dessert- frozen bananas blended into ice cream with dates chopped in or some other concoctions
Low Fat Fruity Raw Vegan Recipes I Want To Try:
  1. Smoothies: oranges, strawberries, dates...blend
  2. Salad dressing: just blended oranges over my normal salad ingredient base of romaine/cherry tomatoes. Not sure about this one, but will try it
  3. Wanna make a zucchini pasta soon
  4. Apple/date pie
For me it is all about feeling good. I can lose weight IMMEDIATELY if I chart calories, count them, and restrict certain foods, but I don't feel as good as I do when I eat a lot of fruit. Even though I'm trying to lose a few last pounds, I am more concerned with eating really healthy foods and feeling great than anything else.

Will I ever eat cooked food again? I'm sure I will...but for 30 days it's all a fruity/veggie/low fat dream :)

DO you love fruit?


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