Thursday, June 27, 2013

My 33rd Birthday!


Today was a slow day. Full of reflection, hugs, giggled with Kay.

I am so immensely full of peace and gratitude for another year of life and another year of being Kennedy's mom.

Off to watch The Vow!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How and Why Green Smoothies and Raw Juices Keep Me on Track with Raw

First of all if you haven't been, head over to my facebook page.  :)
What's the hype with green juices and smoothies. First of all, if you are looking for pure nutrition...easily digestible, awesome plant matter juices and smoothies are the way to go.

Here's why:
  • Blended fruits and veggies already have the cell walls broken down and they are easily digestible, readily available nutrients
  • Juicers break into the cell wall and extract all the liquid gold contained within the fibers of the fruits and veggies.
  • You got bang for your buck
Here's How I Incoporate them on a daily basis:
  • Not a day goes by when I don't have a juice or a smoothie
  • It is easy to quickly throw almond milk, bananas, frozen berries and spinach into my vitamix and whiz it around for a few seconds.
  • Juice sometimes can be time consuming NO MATTER how awesome your juicer is. If I am pressed for time, I make a smoothie and drink a juice before dinner. I try to stop eating a few hours before bed (this works most days), and then I drink my juice on a basically "empty" stomach so that I can receive all of the benefits from it

What they have done for me along my raw food journey:
  • People can be so obsessed with being "raw" that they forget the real reason behind the choice. The real reasons for me were to
    • lose weight
    • feel vibrant
    • live authentically in alignment with my vegan life principles
  • This can be accomplished by several means... struggling mentally or physically to remain raw isn't something to waste precious life energy on. However, eating a whole foods plant based diet IS a reason to fight past processed junk food. With that said a daily green smoothie and/or juice puts me in a "raw frame of mind". You are  whatever you think you are. If you think you are a raw foodist, then you ARE ONE.

PhotoConsuming juices/smoothies on a budget:
  • I'm broke. It's no secret. I do most everything on a budget. No choice. Single mom of a special needs kiddo: gotta do what I gotta do :)
  • Costco for frozen fruit. Coupons for organic frozen fruit.
  • I don't make my own almond milk often at all. Maybe twice a year. I buy Silk Almond Milk. Not very expensive.
  • I "add on" to my smoothies with flax/chia/carob/spirulina (hardly everyday buys)
  • Juice: Costco: veggies in bulk. Simple juices... celery, kale (few stalks at a time not a whole bunch per day geez), apple, carrot, lemon, ginger (cheapo), etc.
  • Keeping it all simple is the best way to go. Ignore all those recipes for 50 ingredient smoothies and juices.
Steps to make them a part of your EVERYDAY life:
  • Contrary to popular belief you don't need a Breville or a Vitamix to make your juice/smoothie dreams come true
  • You can get a great blender from Target and a juicer as well for a total of $100. My mom did. Her juicer has been with her for years and she just recently got a vitamix, but you don't HAVE to.
  • Drink em first thing in the morning or freeze your bananas and see it as a dessert. Fit em in whenever you KNOW you'll drink em. Use it as your pre dinner "pick me up".
Don't see the raw lifestyle as an all or nothing. Realize that you can slowly ease into all of this and green juices and smoothies are truly the way to do it. You KNOW that you will be receiving optimal nutrition and in that moment will be doing one of the very best things for your health and body.Photo

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Insanity Sucks for my Joints

Okay, it's no secret that I am a huge Beach Body fan. I was a coach for a long time, but I didn't like "promoting it" all the time. I may go back to coaching to receive a discount and then I can get deals for people I know who want to order stuff and fast shipping, but I haven't decided yet.... hmmm

I mentioned a while ago that I am in fitness for the love it and while I do need to make a living, constantly pressing people is not in my personality. Hence the Raw Fit Mama Facebook Page. I love most of their products. I am also a crazy Shaun T. fan. But, Insanity hurts my right knee...big time. All the constant plyos, jumping, slamming isn't working for me. First it was my knee, then my ankle on the same leg...even hurting me in my sleep. Ouch. I'm going to try different shoes, but I will only be doing it maybe twice a week (read about my client below to see why).
(maybe I need an xray on it...hmmmm)

I injured my knee as a majorette in New Orleans when I was 16. Then the pine cone 1/2 marathon incident and it flares up every now and then. Painful. Even with regular foam rolling.

I am coaching someone through Insanity now and he asked me to motivate him through the program by doing it with him. Firstly, he can only exercise at nite (we all know how I feel about that). So, we had a chat about it and I'll low impact through it with him and do my own workout in the AM...morning...when I first get get the point :)

My program of choice is TapOut XT right now. I'm doing  1 and not 2 yet. Today was Day 1...Omgoddess....I will love this program. Best knee pain when I was done. :)

TapOut XT Infomercial Link Or go to the blog and see it there

Last night I had some nachos and chips with Kennedy (snacky Friday) and today started TOM and it's my birthday weekend so I don't anticipate that my diet will be stellar, but it will be accounted for on My FitnessPal Page so go friend me over there if you want to see exactly what I eat (brand and all).

I'm off to coach my client through Insanity (:( ) and clean up, then take Kennedy to an amusement center. Longgggg Saturday.

What are you doing to get and stay on a healthy track this weekend?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Raw Fit Mama Facebook Page!!!!


I finally did it. Put up my facebook page. I hope you like it and find inspiration. You can reach me there much easier than you can here if you have ANY questions, comments, suggestions for my first youtube videos (starting next week!!!!)

It's a cray cray day here. Movies, mini golf, workout (PM) and cleaning. Phew... I'm going to start celebrating my birthday this weekend with Kennedy. I will take tons of photos!

Raw Fit Mama's Facebook Page

Let me know if you like it!

Coming up:
  • Why Insanity Sucks for my joints


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Turning The Page...

 I'm fixing these two sides of me. The authentic self and the scared self.
I've recently made major life changes. My job was sucking the joy out of all aspects of my life so.... I quit- basically. I kept one client. Although it is a more involved case, I believe in this family and this kiddo reminds me of my daughter so much...I couldn't let go. Yes it brings about some financial strain, but IMO it is worth it.

The past few months I couldn't put one foot in front of the other on solid ground. Any training program I put together was quickly demolished with bad food choices and late, late, paperwork filled nights. I was sick of complaining, so I took serious action. I was actually very scared. Full of fear. This as you will learn in this honest post has been holding me back.

Oh crap...honesty time. Here goes... My daughter suffers with tons of anxiety. She has for a very long time. You have to imagine being in and out of hospitals her entire life could create such a problem. Well, I won't medicate her for it. What I have noticed is that over the past few years, I began to be really anxious about some things. Fear crept into spaces in my life where it normally wouldn't have. I chose not to start real desire grouped with a fear of all kinds of things (do you watch the news?)

I never started my youtube channel because I really started wondering...will people think any of this info is seriously useful? Will anyone even watch it? I've erased all those thoughts. My bday is next week and it will start 1 year= 365 days of fearless living. Doing what I want to do. Grabbing life by the bra strap and making things happen.

That anxiety/fear is what kept me from really engaging in life in the ways that I wanted to. I started a daily mantra of "Be authentic/No fear" when those feelings started coming up. Hence the quitting my job. It didn't matter how much money it pays. The stress wasn't worth it. AT ALL.

There will be some changes to the blog by the end of this week. As you know I'm a solo operation....and all for free. I even stopped being a Beach Body coach (I'll write a post about why), but I want to add tons of stuff and my goal is to turn this blog into (my personal thoughts and rants) and also an information hub for vegans/ new vegans/ those new to yoga/ and new to raw food/healthy living! I am so excited!!!

Here's what I've been up to:
  • Eating whole foods, but not restricting ANY food. For example, when trying to lose a few pounds (like I am now), I would normally try not to eat out, skip dessert, etc. Not now. I am eating smaller portions of every single thing I want to eat and truly logging it all on MyFitnessPal Page--- click to add me as a friend!
  • Working out in the morning 3 days per week and in the evening with my one training client for 5 days per week (strength AM, cardio (Insanity) PM)---- I am not a real Insanity lover, my knee is killing me WITH a brace on. More on that later... post coming
  • I stopped relaxing my hair about 7 months ago and this transition is stressful!
  • Taking time to meditate/journal every day of the week. This is as important as the other stuff that I'm doing actually. If not moreso. I am not very religious although I went to 13 years of Catholic school, but I am spiritual and I find that Joel Osteen delivers messages in a way that I relate to and can seep right into my soul. So, I read or listen to a few minutes of him most every day.
I won't make this crazy long, but know that I'm making some changes, going to put together some awesome information, share with you all the people that inspire me, publish my facebook page tomorrow!, and keep going. I've realized that I will have to step outside of fear in order to accomplish a few goals that I have. Bear with me...even in silence send me some well wishes and warm vibes!

Coming up on the blog:
  1. Details of my facebook page
  2. Why Insanity sucks for my joints
  3. How green smoothies and juices keep me on track even when I'm off track
:) :)


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