Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Insanity Sucks for my Joints

Okay, it's no secret that I am a huge Beach Body fan. I was a coach for a long time, but I didn't like "promoting it" all the time. I may go back to coaching to receive a discount and then I can get deals for people I know who want to order stuff and fast shipping, but I haven't decided yet.... hmmm

I mentioned a while ago that I am in fitness for the love it and while I do need to make a living, constantly pressing people is not in my personality. Hence the Raw Fit Mama Facebook Page. I love most of their products. I am also a crazy Shaun T. fan. But, Insanity hurts my right knee...big time. All the constant plyos, jumping, slamming isn't working for me. First it was my knee, then my ankle on the same leg...even hurting me in my sleep. Ouch. I'm going to try different shoes, but I will only be doing it maybe twice a week (read about my client below to see why).
(maybe I need an xray on it...hmmmm)

I injured my knee as a majorette in New Orleans when I was 16. Then the pine cone 1/2 marathon incident and it flares up every now and then. Painful. Even with regular foam rolling.

I am coaching someone through Insanity now and he asked me to motivate him through the program by doing it with him. Firstly, he can only exercise at nite (we all know how I feel about that). So, we had a chat about it and I'll low impact through it with him and do my own workout in the AM...morning...when I first get get the point :)

My program of choice is TapOut XT right now. I'm doing  1 and not 2 yet. Today was Day 1...Omgoddess....I will love this program. Best knee pain when I was done. :)

TapOut XT Infomercial Link Or go to the blog and see it there

Last night I had some nachos and chips with Kennedy (snacky Friday) and today started TOM and it's my birthday weekend so I don't anticipate that my diet will be stellar, but it will be accounted for on My FitnessPal Page so go friend me over there if you want to see exactly what I eat (brand and all).

I'm off to coach my client through Insanity (:( ) and clean up, then take Kennedy to an amusement center. Longgggg Saturday.

What are you doing to get and stay on a healthy track this weekend?


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