Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don't Think About it Just Do It

In and out of doctor's offices for Kennedy. I was trying to make close to an hour to workout every morning and I have to rearrange some things and now I have about 40 minutes start to finish. Instead of being bummed, I just got on with it. I've been thinking of making a sign for my workout space "No Whining". I need to tell myself Just Do It when I don't feel like. Feeling like it is irrelevant...getting it done is mandatory.

There was a three day span when I felt like giving up. I hate seeing my daughter sick :( I ate some vegan nachos and stayed up too late getting lost in movies. After three days of wallowing, I got off my butt, grabbed some weights and a kettlebell and got to work. I need iron in my hands. Some people run to cardio, I need to lift weights.

Now I am doing a mish mash of workouts using strength and plyo cardio moves. Today I ran up and down one floor of steps for a total of 100 steps. I have been trying to find new and free ways to get my heartrate up and as I think about machines I miss from the gym...the stairmater being one of them...I decided to run the steps in my house!

Today I ate simple and clean. I am going on a 30 day process food free challenge. Kay's bday is Sunday so I will be having cake (shhhh). I believe in all around health...balance...moderation. Follow me on My Fitness Pal to see everything I eat.

Here are a few links to the style of workout I enjoy... (Go to the blog to see the clips if you can't via email).

I am off to run an errand and then make tempeh, red gravy, gluten free pasta and salad for dinner. Yummm.


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