Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NOW I remember why I loved/hated the gym

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Okay, I've talked before about not liking going to the gym for a myriad of reasons. Some including
  1. Sharing equipment with dirty people
  2. Waiting to use equipment or the ever elusive 15# dbs that go missing every single time I'm there
  3. The time to commute, get dressed, pee, get a locker, clean all the equipment BEFORE and after you use it...etc.
I decided to go yesterday to the gym after not setting foot in there in like 3 months. Of course the regulars were like "Where have you been?", but I didn't want to start he conversations that never seem to end.
Long story short, I was gifted with some free time while Kennedy finished her math hours at school and decided that there was so much to do in my house that I just didn't want to go back to it. Hence my gym trip. I loathe how much time it takes in the gym just to maneuver around, so I set a goal of 60 mins total. That included cleaning machines, setting up dumbbells and everything.
I put on my music and turned my tunnel vision on! A very productive hour (minus the 10 min treadmill warm up that I got stuck on because a regular started a "conversation"....also known as them talking a hole in my head and me nodding like a crazy person).
I decided to put my 2 Master's degrees in Psychology to good use by observing what was happening in the gym. It was hilarious, because I hated my I just tuned in to the people. Here is what I discovered (aka reasons I don't like coming to the gym):
  • The PF (Phantom Farter)- This person can let out hella bad gas and keep a straight face. They silently leak out deadly gas that makes everyone nauseous, but because of the closeness of the machines, no one truly knows who it is.
  • The "Too cute/Too sweet" girl- She comes into the gym with a ton of makeup, the latest gym fashions, never breaks a sweat and smiles at every single guy that passes by. However, she makes more than one face as I notice her look me up and down before hopping on yet another cardio machine to go at the slowest speed imaginable
  • Ms. Granny Too Slow- This woman finds a way to walk in front of you so slowly you could take a nap. She cleans the machines off super slow, talks slowly and is an all around pain in the ass. (Not meant to be offensive to the elderly AT ALL. This woman in particular..yes)
  • Mr. Mirror Stalker- Every fricking time I look up he is staring at me in the mirror. No matter where I am in the room, his eyes are glued. It's very "Craigslist Killer", yet he doesn't mind when I catch him. UGH.
All jokes aside, it was nice to be in the gym going from exercise to exercise to treadmill with a flow. True the gym wasn't packed, but it made me think that I should try to get in there at least once a week when Kennedy is with her dad if I can. I will still contend that if given the choice, I'd workout at home ANYDAY over going to the gym.


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