Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Crazy Vegan Life Remembering Why I LOVE At home Training

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I am loving the book
Christina has a great website and some pretty great recipes. I enjoy all plant-based vegan cookbooks. I checked this one out from my local library, but may buy it. It isn't gluten free, but I can pretty much make anything into a gluten free version.

Last nite, my lower back started bothering me. Maybe it was my deadlifts at the gym yesterday, but I took it easy last nite. Today, I stayed home to train. I've had my fill of the gym for the week and I have Kennedy home with me so the gym wasn't even an option.

I warmed up with 2 miles on the treadmill while reading the cutest book EVER on my Kindle!  It's titled Kat Fight and you can read the first chapter free by clicking here.

I then did a 5x5 workout inspired by one of the realest workout girls I follow Marianne- The workout is here. 5 rounds, 5 reps AFAP (as fast as possible with great form)
  • Deficit Reverse Lunge No weights
  • Shoulder Press 10s
  • Single leg RDL 12kg moved up to 16kg
  • One side Row 20# (too light) moved up to 12kg
  • Swing 16kg
Then I finished with
  • Deadlifts Barbell 50# Sumo Deads 2 sets x 10
  • Band walks 2 sets x 10 each side
  • Side lying weighted leg raise 10# x 10
Total of 59 minutes. You know I love workouts that are 60 minutes start to finish. Warm up to cool down while I'm busy.

Long day today so I'm going to hop to it. Anybody want to join me on the "Go to bed early, Wake up early Challenge?" I'm two days in and feeling better already!


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