Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 Easy Ways to Add More Raw Food to Your Diet

When people ask me "How can I start eating more raw foods?", my answer has two short pieces, "Drink green smoothie, and eat salad." Those are the two simplest things you can do to increase your raw food intake.
In the morning if you even eat the most ridiculous breakfast, add a simple green smoothie. Going out for breakfast, drink a small green smoothie before you go. What's the point? It ensures that you are getting fresh, raw, easy to digest whole foods into your diet no matter what else is going on.

Before dinner, eat a piece of fruit. It will take about 30 minutes to digest, then add a big salad to your dinner NO MATTER WHAT ELSE YOU ARE EATING. Obviously if you eat a plant based wholefood dinner, you will feel amazing. Something like a simple soup, steamed veggies, potatoes, quinoa, or a stir fry.
People get all confused about whether or not to eat fully raw until dinner and then only consume cooked foods then. I honestly think that whatever you do, focus on getting more raw foods into your diet. If you can be raw until dinner that is wonderful for digestion, but do what works for YOU.

These days I am crazy busy with Kennedy being so sick on a daily basis, lots of appointments, and daily meds and such. I can't go a day without my green smoothies or salad. Something about consuming them makes me feel balanced. When grabbing a snack, I make sure that I have some fruit handy.

I prep a lot of my food on the weekends and keep it as raw as I can. Happy eating!


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