Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Free Yoga and Fruits

Not sure anyone can deny the power of yoga and raw food in combination. When I went 90 on a low fat raw vegan diet coupled with 1 to 1.5 hours of yoga everyday, I was in heaven. My body was light and my mind was clear. It is undeniable yoga plus fruit (green smoothies) equal pure health. I don't need to do it 100%, but I definitely have a focus on it.
I have to be honest. I have been struggling emotionally lately. The reality of Kennedy's new diagnosis has stifled me. For a few days it was hard to even get the dishes washed....simple things started to feel like mountains to climb. So, where was the energy for strenuous exercise? Non existent... Where the willpower to resist the second vegan treat? Non existent.

I had to step back and reassess. I did what I do best. I pulled out my journal and went to task asking myself, "What can you do right now that makes sense?" It was a lightening bulb moment.... Y O G A. Over the past few years I let yoga take a back seat while I focused on strength, or cardio, but in truth for a very long time yoga was the central form of movement and everything else was made to find inside of it.

Well, that has changed. I made a solemn challenge a few days ago that I would be doing yoga in some form for 5 minutes or more for the next 365 days. I pulled out some of my old yoga texts (not including the ones people borrowed and never gave back) understanding that for me yoga is about so much more than the asanas. It is about every aspect of your existence.

I own a few great yoga DVD's. I've also loaned a ton out and given a ton away, but I went straight to the internet. I decided to use youtube in a way I rarely do and created a playlist of really amazing free videos. I use my HDMI cable to connect it to my television and BAM a free class. If I weren't out of work right now, I would consider doing my usual and buying a ton of DVD's, but it isn't realistic right now.

People ask can you lose weight doing yoga. There are so many mixed opinions. I know for a fact you can. While I do have 15 lbs to lose, that isn't my focus. I have always known that if you focus on health, sanity, the results you desire will always come.

You may have to go to the blog page in order to view the videos.

Please watch this guy's motivational yoga transformation if you haven't already. Most Motivational Yoga Story EVER

Here are a few of the websites and DVD's that are truly inspirational and very motivating.

30 Min Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow- Favorite

Yoga for Weight Loss 30 Minute Workout

Freedom Flow! 17 minutes

Goddess of Love Flow 5 Minutes

Free Yoga Ideas:
  1. Check out DVDs from your local library
  2. Yogis to check out
    1. Sadie Nardini (I love her!)
    2. Tara Stiles
    3. Yoga with Adrienne
    4. Black Yogi Images on Tumblr
    5. Faith Hunter
I am feeling more like myself these days. Centering, taking time for self-care (tomorrow's post-don't miss it).

Off to do some yoga and eat breakfast!


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