Saturday, August 3, 2013

Getting Back Into Running- Great Running Sites/Blogs to Inspire

Aiming to stay inspired lately. I am working tirelessly to keep this black cloud of sorrow from staying over my head for too long.

Running is like a bad ex-boyfriend that you can't get off your mind. In essence it feels like the "one who got away". I soooo wanted running to work out for me years ago, but after the pine cone incident of 2010, I hung my running shoes up in favor of sprints, HIIT, and accelerated weight lifting. Saying all that to say, he's back. Running. I actually miss it.
 My running inspiration Sanya Richards-Ross
There is something about going down in the garage to my dark corner treadmill and jogging....most times without music. Just me and my thoughts. Maybe it's the "runner's high", but mostly it feels like the only way to get some serious clarity. True clarity. I don't do it for a calorie burn. I don't rack up a ton of miles.

I am not a  natural runner and still haven't progressed to even like running outside. I enjoy the solitary nature of it. I don't want the process obscured by music or neighbors on treadmills at the gym. Running is mine alone. I have a feeling he will see me through this transition into Kennedy's testing and possible surgery.

My favorite and most inspirational running sites are:
I will keep you all posted on my running adventures and my "Mini Miles" as they add up over the course of the month. Off to hit the treadmill. One foot in front of the other (my motto these days)


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