Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting Back on My Yoga Mat

Some days are better than others and we face this new diagnosis for Kennedy. I stare at my yoga mat day after day. Afraid to step my bare feet onto it. Why? Because I know that the second that I do, all of the fa├žade that I am doing fine will be washed away.

There is no lying to myself on the running. In order to inspire myself to get back out and to step up with authenticity, I decided to pull out some of my most inspirational yoga material and share it here.

  1. Sadie Nardini offers free info
  2. I tour the pages of my fav studio Jivamukti in NYC
  3. One of my fav yoga girls Kimberly Wilson
  4. Black Girl Guide's to Weightloss YOGA

I guess it's time to stop hiding from myself and get on my mat today. I'm sure tears will follow. Will that be such a bad thing?


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