Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Stressed- Sample Stress Meal Plans

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My homemade ice coffee
Less than a week until my princess has her brain surgery. I am trying to get mentally and physically prepared. I am working hard to stay in good spirits and keep Kennedy upbeat and happy. Truth is, we fell into a "watch tv and dance" trap. So, I decided to switch it up!

Yesterday I sautéed the local swiss chard with yellow peppers and onions, make some spicy lentils, steamed kale, made a meatloaf and a yummy thick green smoothie. When I am in the kitchen with the radio on, things start to make sense. What are your grounding practices?

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Maybe you aren't going through something as stressful as what I am going through with Kennedy's impending brain surgery, maybe you are struggling in a bad relationship, with your job, or with your children/family?

Here are 4 ways to keep your head above water while you go through life's ups and downs...
  1. Eliminate the word "should". I stop imposing thoughts of what I "should" or "could" be doing. Keep focusing on your purpose...your main vision and goals. For me, the #1 goal is to keep Kennedy in happy, healthy spirits so that she can fight to recover. I don't think of the programs I "should" be applying to, the job I "could have" kept.
  2. Stay positive. But how can I when THIS is going on? Not to sound cliché, but we can always find a silver lining. I have been talking about this with Kennedy. At least she will be out of school for 10 weeks. Score. At least I am off work and able to be with her. Score. More time for art. Score. See? Silver lining.
  3. Use less energy. Don't overwhelm yourself with to-do list as long as a Shakespearian monologue. Just keep it simple and put a few random things that will make you feel successful. Leo says Kill Your To Do List, but I simply can't do that! It's the one thing that keeps me organized and feeling like I am able to do something in a situation where I otherwise have NO control. Spend time in bed. Not crying, just being...reading/watching funny movies. Take bubble baths. Drink tea. Wear fuzzy socks.
  4. Remind yourself that "This too shall pass" and trust me, it will. It is simple science. The clock will keep ticking and whatever you are going through will come to pass. You will be stronger because of it. And those around you (in my case my daughter) will see the test of your character by how you responded through the crisis/chaos.
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It is easy when you are walking through the fires of life to think you've fallen off the wagon. Well, we are able to breathe through the deep waters.

How does one stay healthy?
  • Think about how to do the MOST important healthy things. For me that includes veggies and water
    • Green smoothie daily
    • 2-3 L water daily
    • Salad every other day minimum
    • Those simple 3 things guide my meals/menus
  • I buy Gluten Free wraps and small packs of organic hummus. I then can load the wraps with tons of lettuce or veggies and BAM a healthy quick meal.
  • I tend to overeat any bars that I buy so now I shy away from purchasing any; however, I will make power balls (dates, any nut, rolled in coconut give or take an ingredient or two) and keep em in a container for energy and hunger strikes.
  • Once home from the hospital I'll be making a huge pot of soup for the week (the weather is conducive to it now)
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All those simple things help carry me through and keep my veggie intake up during stressful times. I will most likely eat some ice cream bars, French fries, or something else not to "plant based", but my bases will be covered and that alone will give me a sense of contentment.


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