Wednesday, September 11, 2013

6 Ways to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Day- via Happy Momentum

Today Kennedy had her 4 hour MRI for her spine and her results will be read tomorrow. I didn't get much sleep last nite, and have had a long and emotional day. I really hate to see her in pain...anxious...crying... it takes a toll on a mother's heart.
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I have been practicing yoga in my mind when I can't get to my mat. Literally running the asanas in my head with my eyes closed. When Kennedy went under anesthesia, I grabbed a soy chai (hot) and ran through an entire practice in my mind.

It left me searching for tips for doing yoga off the mat. Happy Momentum is a great website that always helps me to feel congruent...whole...motivated in my practice. I've been working on acceptance these days and that can be worked on while on my mat. Here are 6 tips Caren gives to sneak yoga into your day.

6 ways to sneak more yoga into your day

Despite our best intentions, though, it’s still hard not to let our daily obligations overtake our aspirations. So here are six “sneaky” ways to commit to more yoga when you forget to take ownership of time.

1. Become aware of when you complain about time in order to stop using it as an excuse for not doing yoga.

 By far the most important and most difficult to do; it’s also the most transformative, per Hendricks’ The Big Leap.

2. Instead of hitting snooze and going back to sleep, do yoga for 9 minutes in bed.

 Consciously deepen your breath and do several poses laying on your back, like legs extended to the ceiling, twists and happy baby. When your feet meet the ground, turn to the mattress and do a supported forward bend with your arms outstretched.

3. Practice a pranayama exercise while driving to work.

Avoid exercises that cause you to breathe very fast or slow and that may distract you from the road; instead focus on breathing deeply into each area of your torso: abdomen, mid-chest and upper heart. Fill up on the inhale from the bottom up, then exhale from the top down.

I especially love doing this practice in traffic because it helps me to stay present and in control of my reaction to the situation (i.e. not flip out).

4. Say no to an obligation so you can say yes to a yoga class (or home practice).

 This is probably easier for introverts than extroverts, but if you’re not enthused about your social plans maybe it’s best to instead opt for yoga instead of happy hour.

If you have a family, arrange a set time each week to recharge yourself—and let everyone know about it. Believe me, this will benefit everybody in the long run even if it seems to be a short-term inconvenience.

5. Remember that practicing yoga isn’t just about the poses.

 You can train your mind to be present at any time: walking the dog; washing the dishes; talking with your friend. I find it helps to seek out the newness in the situation and pay close attention to details: how your pup trots; how soap bubbles form; how your friend’s eyes light up when she smiles.

6. You have time for this: Viparita Karani.

 If you’re having a

tough day, and can only make time for one pose, I highly suggest Viparita Karani or Legs Up the Wall Pose.

Karani in Sanskrit means “doing or making” even though the doing you’re making in this pose is an undoing. This pose encourages blood flow to the heart and, speaking from personal experience, can invert your low mood, too.
All you need is a blanket and a wall. Use your sticky mat to help prevent the blanket from sliding on a slippery floor. Stay in the pose for five to 10 minutes.

After my dessert settles later and my green smoothie, I will be sneaking in some time on my mat. I have a feeling that tears will flow.


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