Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Heart Fall- September Goals and 15 Vegan Dinner Recipes

My favorite time of year is around the corner. Even though it is hot as hades outside, my heart flutters at the thought of Fall leaves blowing, tall vegan boots, pumpkin spiced tea with cream and sugar and brisk walks in the cool weather.

Although I'm a few days late, I thought I'd put a post of  my September goals. I can't do much planning beyond this because I am waiting to see if Kennedy will need another brain/spinal surgery...a more serious one.

Here are a few of my penned monthly goals. This isn't my journal, but a page in my agenda where I do my rough draft. I don't have the pix of my journal, but will get them up.

Of course as a foodie when I think about the seasons, I think about menus...meal ideas...the warm smell of cinnamon, maple syrup and apples as I bake homemade pie every year at least 5 times. It's the perfect blend of cool, crisp, yet warm.

Here are a few recipes to make your mouth water as you think about planning your vegan Fall menus courtsey of The Kitchn. (cool site for great recipe ideas). 

(photo source: The Kitchn)

15 Vegan Dinner Recipes

• 1 Vegan Tofu and Vegetable Pot Pie - With deep flavor and an umami-packed vegetarian gravy.

• 2 Easy, Tasty Chickpea Curry - Rich and comforting with coconut milk and toothsome chickpeas. 

• 3 Khara Bath - South Indian soul food, with semolina, ginger, and vegetables.

• 4 Quick, Vegetarian, One-Bowl Meal - A quick go-to meal template for busy nights. 

• 5 Tempeh Deli Salad - Great in a pita or on a green salad.

• 6 Kimchi Tofu Summer Rolls - Spicy, satisfying, quick. 

• 7 Nutty Farro Pasta with Edamame Pesto - Nutty, chewy pasta with a vibrant sauce. 

• 8 Vegetarian Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese Crêpes) - Egg-free crêpes stuffed with yummy things.

• 9 Potato Tacos (Tacos de Papa) - A simple, hearty dinner that everyone loves. 

• 10 Very Simple Dal Palak - A perfect comforting bowl for a winter's night.
• 11 Pumpkin Tortilla Soup - With the warmth of chiles, cumin and toasty corn tortillas

• 12 Savory Kabocha Tofu Pie - A savory main dish pie featuring winter squash and rosemary.

• 13 Pasta with Butternut Squash, Sage, and Pine Nuts - Pan-fried and scrumptious! 

• 14 Kale and Potato Gratin - A simple baked gratin.

• 15 Leeks Braised with Wine and Garlic - Leave out the butter for olive oil, and this silky, indulgent dish of leeks is the perfect vegan topping for pasta.

At first glance these may appear difficult, but they aren't. These recipes are hearty and filling and plant based. Even if you don't make them all, adding one or two per week is a great decadent way to add spicy, richness, and flavor to your ordinary week. 


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