Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Everything Coffee Post (Homemade Coffee Syrup, Ice Coffee, Fall Coffee Drinks)

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Trying to keep meals very simple as I go into surgery prep. My digestion could use a break from all of the complicated vegan snacks I've been indulging in for the past two months.
I've been doing lots of research about making coffee drinks both hot and blended. I'll try to get better about photographing and documenting what I've been trying out. Of course I love Fall. And that means pumpkin and sweet potato EVERYTHING. Along with vegan soups and stews, lattes, gluten free muffins and the like.
I wanna blog all throughout Kennedy's recovery to keep myself grounded and to give me something to look forward to aside from watching my daughter defeat this condition!! :) Because of course she will.

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Although the temperature is dropping, I've been trying to master the blended Frappuccino. My this was so good. I will try to make a mocha one tomorrow, we will see. I have Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, but it isn't organic. I will be cold brewing my own from now on. I have two jugs after this one. I'll bring em to the hospital though and start to cold brew my own after we are recovering at home.

I enjoy the feeling of going to Joe Muggs and having my favorite barista prepare a nice drink for me. I don't have to think, I just fork over the almost $6 and enjoy, but I can't do that daily. I love coffee AND tea, so when I find ways to make and enjoy them at home, I love to share.
Check out some of the awesome recipes for ice coffee and ice coffee concentrate that I have found!
Check out some of the awesome recipes for Fall coffee drinks at home that I have found!

Check out amazing ways to make your own coffee flavored syrup!
Oh my, I ordered a pound of vanilla beans from ebay and can't wait to get started making my own syrups!!! I will most likely store them simply in mason jars. I don't need a pump or anything like you see at the coffee shops. I just measure out two tablespoons. So long as the sugar is pure evaporated cane sugar, I don't mind it. You know I'm not Paleo, so sugar is fine with me :)
vegan caramel sauce recipe

I love this season. I love coffee. I love tea. Maybe I should do a tea post??? I'm going to make something awesome and rich. I am loving this Fall weather and I hope it last.


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