Sunday, November 10, 2013

52 Weeks Til The Best Version of Me

I wrote yesterday about the new lease on life that I have. My "no fear", "do what I hell I want to do" attitude is in full effect. What I have learned is that even if you are hella motivated, trying to make huge decisions really quickly and all at once, just sets you up for being overwhelmed. And in my life right now, I can't handle overwhelming these days.

I am starting a 52 Weeks Til the Best Version of Me personal development program. I'm making it all up as I go, I'll have topics that I want to work on each week and will chronicle here exactly what I am doing and what comes of it. 

I decided not to wait until the 1st of the year. Not a big resolutions person. More of a "revolutions" person. I don't like to start things on Mondays for the obvious reasons so Saturdays will be my start days. I am including Kennedy in a large part of my process so that she too can feel motivated about all of the changes she too has to make in order to feel like the best version of herself.

Week One: Morning and Evening Routines

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine -Mike Murdock

I am guilty of quitting a challenge. Saying that I am going to do something on the dreaded Monday, yet wait and wait and that elusive Monday never comes. I am guilty of it...

That isn't happening this time around. You know why???? I have the privilege of a second chance with my daughter. My eyes see things differently now and I have tunnel vision on a beautiful life. 

One of the things that definitely puts me into a good space is to utilize my morning and evening routines. It helps me to feel grounded, centered, and whole. 

Morning Routine

  • Wake early (meaning consistently an hour before Kennedy). Still figuring out her new schedule.
  • In no particular order:
  • I have 1 L of water with lemon juice (or without if  no lemons are present). 
  • I create one page in my art/junk/smash journal (more coming in the upcoming weeks).
  • Meditate at my altar
  • Write in my personal journal
  • Do 5 or more sun salutations
  • Oil cleanse/oil pull (3xs week)
  • Skin brush
Evening Routine
  • Detox bubble bath equipped with epsom salts and exfoliating gloves
  • Journal (art or written word only)
  • Castor oil pack (3xs a week)
  • Meditation
  • Restorative yoga

This all goes back to creativity. It is the thing that fuels me. Being creative with workouts, creative cooking and uncooking, and creating art of any kind. Seriously girls (and guys)... the more I am tuned into my creative visions for my daily life and for my future the better things are for me. 

Anyone want to join me in changing their lives? Take from the blog what inspires you and leave the rest. It's all about being the best, most authentic you. I'll blog tonight about how my first day went along my 52 weeks til the best version of me plan!!

Challenge: Come up with your OWN routine. What things if done set you up for a wonderfully happy, healthy, centered day? This routine will be the foundation of the 52 week program. The foundation. It is sacred to spend time with yourself every day. 

"We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be." -May Sarton


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