Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Vision Rant (Annoyed with Consumption)- Green Smoothie Recipe at the End

Disclaimer: If you don't have any hippie-type tendencies, this blogpost may not be for you. No offense taken if you bail on it now. (Cursing below)

Let the anti-consumer rant begin: ARGGGG!!

Today is totally one of those days when I am so sick of all the companies trying to shove their shit down my throat. Every channel has a zillion commercials on, every magazine has a million ads, and heaven forbid if Kennedy puts on a children's channel...the show can't begin without 12 commercials begging her to ask me for plastic shit she won't care about in 2 weeks.

When you get tuned into your ultimate life vision (if it is in anyway in alignment with mine), it becomes very annoying to constantly be presented with things that you "need" because somehow what you have "isn't enough." OMG...

It can be the same with the raw food movement. Yea I said it. If I knew then what I know now I could have saved $1000's of dollars. Seriously. From the equipment, to the supplements, to the food. It drives me crazy to see how certain marketers play to the desire people have to be healthy and have no ethical problem taking all of their money to sell them shit they don't actually need. I know I know.... if they don't buy it from them, most people will seek it somewhere else. My point is only that WE DON'T NEED MOST OF IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If you spend your money on organic fruits and veggies, a decent blender, and a good set of knives...you are set.

Kennedy's dad has 100% different life philosophies than I. I like second hand. He likes brand new. I will trade/barter/exchange/give away most of my stuff, he hoards for that "maybe" day. I will make it myself, he prefers to buy everything. Kennedy as a result has slightly typical consumer thoughts, with a hippie edge. She is critical in the sense that she comments on commercials like, "I didn't even think I liked that toy until this commercial told me to." (Seriously..a direct quote), but she still asks for some pretty typical toys.
As a vegan I have taken certain ethical vows to "do no harm." That means (for me) to the animals, to myself, and to the planet. Along with that comes some pretty freegan tendencies. I don't dumpster dive (though I did for years) because in my direct area (thanks to me some same) they have put locks on the dumpsters and no trespassing signs. We even helped to convince one store to do the right thing an not be a chicken shit and donate the food to the local food bank.

I do however feel seriously disconnected from the capitalist market economy that demands I buy a ton of shit. NO I don't have a smart fone anymore. Haven't had one for about 3 years. NO I don't need the latest this or that. I look just as adorable and cute in clothes that are a combination of crazy sale items and second hand store finds. I give a ton of shit away to the VA family fund and freecycle. I coach people to become vegan FOR FREE although I'm currently umemployed (by donation only).

It just boils my blood that we teach people to work tons of hours at jobs they hate to buy a bunch of shit they don't need to impress people they don't like. THEN we get really old and can "enjoy life and retire" and are too burnt out to do either. So we end up in ONE room with all of our most precious stuff. WHY not start out that way??? Start by not having a bunch of shit to begin with. Seriously????

I am not proclaiming to have all the answers. No one showed me the freegan ropes. I had a calling in my soul that started  a LONG time ago and I didn't ignore it. It unfortunately led to some serious arguments with family/friends, a divorce, getting out of my doctorate program and a serious life overhaul. I'm proud to live by my life principle to do no harm. To take and use as little as possible so as to leave some for others. To not contribute to waste. 

Here is an excerpt directly from the website I liked above:

The word freegan is compounded from “free” and “vegan”. Vegans are people who 
avoid products from animal sources or products tested on animals in an effort to avoid harming animals. Freegans take this a step further by recognizing that in a complex, industrial, mass-production economy driven by profit, abuses of humans, animals, and the earth abound at all levels of production (from acquisition to raw materials to production to transportation) and in just about every product we buy. Sweatshop labor, rainforest destruction, global warming, displacement of indigenous communities, air and water pollution, eradication of wildlife on farmland as “pests”, the violent overthrow of popularly elected governments to maintain puppet dictators compliant to big business interests, open-pit strip mining, oil drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, union busting, child slavery, and payoffs to repressive regimes are just some of the many impacts of the seemingly innocuous consumer products we consume every day.

That about sums it up. Love America. Don't get me wrong, but we have a long waysssssssss in shaping some fundamental ideals. 

Off to drink my green smoothie. Phew!

Green Smoothie DuJour:

  • apple
  • spinach
  • 2 bananas
  • juice of 1lime
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • amazing grass (found an old bottle. using it up now)
  • celery stalk
  • blend. bliss.


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