Monday, November 11, 2013

Routine Changes and Quiet Coffee Mornings

Happy Birthday to my Amazing Mom!!!!!

My morning routine went very well. The best part is that Kennedy stayed up late to watch the new Disney shows and she slept in so that threw my entire morning routine OFF. This was awesome because I just went with the flow!

I made a steamy hot pot off organic fairtrade coffee! I love my green juice and ADORE my loaded green smoothies, but I still enjoy a nice cup of really good shade grown organic coffee. Life is too short NOT to drink it :)

I even snuck down to the storage to start organizing all of the stuff that is now down there to make room for the weight set. I even broke down a ton of boxes that needed that and I absolutely LOVE ORGANIZING. Seriously, in another life I was a professional organizer. Which is totally weird since I am completely convinced that I was a hippie in the late 60's in my past life. 

I spent time meditating, writing in my journal, drinking my huge liter of water (sans lemon--too lazy to cut it), and writing in my agenda the plans for the day.

I moved Kennedy (she can't walk) over to the couch to watch me workout and keep me company. She said, "Wow it feels like we are really getting back to normal." :) I broke a sweat and had a blast with Les Mills Combat Power Kata. OMG my ass was killing me with all the kicks. I am totally going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Grab it from me at the link above and I will gladly coach you for FREE!

Les Mills Combat Sneak Peek

I'm researching some vegan soup recipes for Fall/Winter as well as concocting my own versions (some came to me in a dream) and will get busy on prep with them.

Also, looking up simple biscuits/muffins/dehydrated cracker recipes to go with!!! I will post all the recipes/pix of those I choose.

Off to hang with Kennedy on this dreary November Day.


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