Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 4: What Causes Do You Stand For? Quality Food? (This Week's Health Update)

Hey! I had a wonderfully quiet Thanksgiving. We are part Native American so we don't do a big thing, but making food and sharing thanks is a central theme. I am so grateful for Kennedy being alive right now... my oh my.

Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving cooking. I cooked for 9+ hours the day before. It was delicious.

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We enjoyed the meal and watched a few cute Christmas movies to get the season started right. Kennedy had moments of not feeling well and has been staying up really really late at night :(

This week on my 52 weeks til the best version of me plan that I'm on-- CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS WEEK 4-- I will be focusing on Causes. Doing things that help support the things you believe in. This is all a part of being the best version of me. Not getting swept up in holiday this or that and keeping myself focused on peace and love. That mean giving to the causes that mean something to me and making life better for others rather than buying a bunch of stuff that I won't use or need in a week.

Things that I hold dear to my heart and I spend my time and money helping to support the cause of are:
  • Animal welfare
  • Equal access to mother's medical care
  • Clean water and access in developing nations
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Hunger in the USA and around the world
Of course my interests are more varied, but those are the topics I spend the most time and attention on. 

Animal Welfare:

I am very interested in the plight of women in developing nations who don't have adequate medical care. Especially when it comes to prenatal and postnatal care. Christy Turlington (crazy yogi and activist) created a documentary a few years ago that further touched my heart so so much.
Clean Water and Access in Developing Nations:

Now, I will detail more as the week goes on and I include my fitness/diet. As I go into the last week of the first month of my new life plan, I am down 5 lbs and am feeling more like myself every day. I'm including several vitamins and making sure to move my body 6 days a week. Even in the midst of all that is going on with Kennedy's health, I owe it to her and myself to take the best care of me.

Lots of green smoothies, salads, beans, tofu, tea with cream and sugar and wraps. My diet is fairly simple about 90% of the time and the rest is takeout, pizza (today) and then some desserts. 


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