Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 5: Riot, Don't Diet

I know that I have a few pounds to lose. Hmmm well, I know that the Center for Disease Control's BMI chart tells me that I am overweight by about 20 lbs even though I love how my butt looks in jeans. Hmmm (this is me pausing to think). 
Yes it's true. I am aware that I should drop a cuppla pounds, but I can't help it. The feminist in me is ingrained with the belief that I am okay exactly the way I am. Does this mean I don't eat healthy? No. Does this mean that I didn't get up at 4 am and train this morning? No. It just means that I refuse to chase someone else's ideal of beauty. I refuse to ever eat a Paleo, grain free, carbless diet in order to chase the size 2 that I'm accustomed to being. I intend on taking my time to get back to my normal size.

Phew! That was like a weight lifting off of my shoulder..... BAM.... just dropped it.

I had someone tell me after seeing me lately that, "You look like shit. Are you sleeping?" I responded, "Ummm no I'm not sleeping. Kennedy needs meds/help all through the night." 
She then said, "Have you put on a couple of pounds?" I said, "What do you think?" What I was thinking was, "Bitch, if you noticed I look like shit, did you notice that you are ugly as sin?" Instead I concluded the conversation by saying, "It's a shame I don't run into you more often. Now why don't you go kick some puppies on the way home, then tell random children there is no Santa Claus." Bitch.

Anyway, her comments got me to thinking (some more). Why why why must women be forced in this society to demonize themselves if they have any weight to lose? Ugh. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a healthy size. I just don't think it's the "size" that should drive your desires.
What I mean is... in order to get some things back in my life under control I am focusing on two simple steps (more to follow)

  1. Eating fruits and vegetables. Sounds simple right? Um cuz it is. I do my best to buy organic, but I kinda lost my job when my kid was fighting for her life so let's hope the pesticides don't kill me before my next birthday.
  2. Training and working out for strength. My goals are simple in my home gym aka bedroom: 
    1. Functional movements
    2. Perfect form
    3. Increase weight or reps
Back to my original point. Please keep your critical thinking eyes and ears open as you see a million commercials for exercise/fitness/diet programs that are selling you the dream that if you just make 4 payments of $39.99 all will be perfect in your world. 

This isn't to say DON'T buy them. I love workout programs and will be bored and rotate thru a few ever so often, but it always comes back to strength training programs that I create. Always. Always. 
Read this amazing article on UTNE called Riot Don't Diet (so getting the tshirt). It is a great reminder that this whole diet business is really aimed at women because this society makes billions of dollars off of convincing women they are broken and need fixing.
They keep selling you shit to "fix" you, but in the meantime make sure to provide enough images to make you have low self-esteem and continue to feel you need to wait until some tomorrow in the future before you can truly be happy.

Any of this sound familiar:

  • I will do "insert thing that takes courage" after I lose 40 pounds.

  • I will wear "cute outfit of choice" after I tone up a bit

Blah. Blah. Blah. Same stuff, different context.

Take a stand before you jot down those New Year's Plans. Tell yourself that this time around. This 2014 you will not make any dieting goals. You will instead set goals like this:
  • Eat REAL food. Shit that doesn't have 800 ingredients, but boasts about being 2 calories
  • Move your body whenever you can. Dance while cooking, up early/up late to get in at least 30 minutes of lymph moving exercise daily (yoga, running, KBs, DBs, BW, whatever), Sweep/vacuum
  • Focus on strength: Did I do more push ups this week than last? Can I do a few more squats with perfect form?
Remind yourself that it is much more healthy and much more beneficial mentally and physically if you set goals with positive intentions. If you set a goal like "I will lose 50 pounds". What you are saying is, "I need to lose this weight before I am whole." Yet, if you say, "I will be strong. I will squat with 20lb Dumbbells in 8 weeks". What an amazing goal! And trust me, if you keep training weighted squats you will burn a ton of calories an those 50 lbs will be melting off!

This week I am working out closing out 2013. It has been a crazy crazy year. I have been tested physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have some serious hurdles to cross- I've been sad on and off (not so used to this). I find myself getting overwhelmed easily- upped my meditation, but as I plan for 2014, I am making positively focused, feminist goals for 2014 they are empowering and uplifting.

With that in mind, I don't need to list "lose these 20 lbs" on my 2014 goals sheet. They will melt away. I'm sure of it :)


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