Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 6: Gratitude and Goals

Long days. Cold wintry snowy days. Nights filled with Christmas movies and tea with cream and sugar. Hanging with Kennedy and feeling grateful for all I have.

My entire focus this week is on gratitude. At this time of year a lot of us focus on what we want. What will make life better (or so we think). It is really good to get grounded and focus on the small and big things that we are grateful for. Truly grateful for. What do you feel when you close your your heart and just feel

I can get so overwhelmed with gratitude that I actually tear up. It happens a lot at the end of my 5-10 minute daily yoga practice.

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Today's Gratitudes:
  • Warm house with fuzzy socks and cute pajamas
  • Watching Christmas movies while drinking tea with Kennedy
  • Feeling prepared for this crazy week ahead
  • Kitchen filled with amazingly good food
Tonight's Goals:
  • Hot bath while reading my Kindle
  • Getting to bed at a decent hour
  • Writing in my journal
I'm going to work really hard not to be so overwhelmed this week that I don't make time to post. Working on my time management this week and my self-care practices of getting to get on time. 

Are you ready for the week?


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