Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Vegan Girl's Goals


We all should have some.

It's not about NOT loving yourself the way that you are. It's about having something that you are working towards. It helps give your life a sense of purpose. Of meaning.

Vegan goals?

How can I be kinder to the planet? To animals? Can I resurrect my letter writing campaigns (where I write companies to congratulate or harpoon them for their environmental/animal rights practices).

Lately I've been locked in the house. Freezing snow and rain have made it impossible for me to take Kennedy anywhere safely. It has forced me to look within... start to think about goals.

Life goals. Health goals. Relationship goals. 

January is a great time to start goal planning. Just because it's the 9th of the month doesn't mean it's too late to plan. It isn't. Let's do it together. I had to hold off on some of my plans starting because I was finishing the wean for Kennedy's narcotics. Ouch. Talk about goals.

Having my kid drug free and ALIVE is a huge goal. Exhale
I am a lover of Sundays. Love em. Always have.  I love to prepare for my week using my "Notes" app on my iphone/ipod and I can easily review or change it. I am also a serious paper person, so I also write my week's goals in my agenda. I use different color pens and markers and then I get super excited. And yes I have two agendas.... one for Kay's business and one for my own.
By planning my week this way I make sure to "allot" enough time for exercise, art projects, cleaning/clearing clutter projects, family game night, etc. Does it always work out? NO way. I have a kid with special needs and new tendency to feel exhausted, but at least I'm trying and designing my life to include all the things I consider important. 

List are about feeling encouraged and in control. They are about measuring your progress and feeling. Any January goals?


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