Friday, January 10, 2014

Vegan Self-Care Rituals (At Home Frugal Mani-Pedi)


Not a new RawFitMama concept. 

Mani-Pedi evenings are awesome.

And cheap.

Here's my (and Kay's) step-by-step at home guide to mani/pedi fun:

  1. Soak your feet or hands in warm water for 5+ minutes
  2. Remove any old nail polish
  3. Rub sugar scrub on hands and feet, let sit for 5+ minutes, then rinse with warm water (see recipe for scrub below)
  4. Trim and shape nails
  5. Paint nails with a clear base coat, let dry for 5 minutes
  6. Paint nails with color of choice (see vegan options below)
  7. Add second coat if necessary
  8. Wave your  hands in the air like you just don't care. Blow on em. Don't touch shit until they dry.
Vegan Nail Polish Guide:

  • butterLONDON – $15 
  • NCLA – $16 
  • a.dorn – $11 
  • Flower – $4.98 
  • American Apparel – $6 

  • Taking time for yourself is a must. Without it, my feminist soul starts to whither up and die. I don't care if it's my 12 minute mani-pedi or taking 15 minutes to journal, take a hot bubble bath or savor a cup of tea. Just make sure that YOU are on your to do list. 




    If you don't care about nails (toes or hands) then take time to apply makeup if you use it, or give yourself a hand or foot massage. It accomplishes the same thing. Makes you feel pampered and fabulous and is evidence that you took time for you.


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